The Muses’ Villas, THALIA, KLEIO and ERATO

The Stemar luxury villas, were constructed in 2012.

The Villas are named after three of the nine Muses of ancient Greece, the daughters of Zeus, king of the Gods and the Titaness Mnemosyne, Goddess of memory.

In ancient culture, the daughters were considered the source of all spoken knowledge, poetic lyrics and myths. They were also considered to be the personification of the arts especially dance; literature and music.

It is thought they resided on Mount Olympus, where they entertained the twelve Olympian Gods by creating a very pleasurable and hospitable environment for every one that would attend.

The Muses represented happiness, serenity, good spirits, knowledge, hospitality, prosperity and celebrations.

Stemar Luxury Villas Club prides itself in offering combinations of the above to help make your Perfect Holiday come to life.